Human Genome Project-Geun Myo

Human Genome Project – TOK Q

Posted by Geun Kim in Biology 11 on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 at 6:50 am

TOK: The Human Genome Project was an international endeavour, with laboratories throughout the world collaborating. However, there were also efforts in some parts of the world to gain commercial benefits from the outcomes of the project.
The data from the Human Genome Project can be viewed in different ways: it could be seen as a complete account of what makes up a human, if one takes a reductionist view of life, or, alternatively, as merely the chemical instructions that have allowed a huge range of more significant human characteristics to develop. This could lead to a discussion about the essential nature of humanity.

Although the human genome project was first set to research and discover the amount of human genomes in the human body, I believe it makes the nature humanity seem significant and important. The fact that a single DNA strand can be coded up to thousands of letters is amazing. The tiniest bits of life fills more than 100 books of just letters is amazing. This just tells us people that the human body is so complexed, work of the Gods. Everything in the body, cell, and DNA is made to work together and is so complexed that it codes up to fill more than 100 books.

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