Human Genome Project-Nathalie

4.4.5 Biology TOK: Human Genome Project

Posted by Nathalie Istanto in Biology SL on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 at 6:41 am

The Human Genome Project was an international endeavor, with laboratories throughout the world collaborating. However, there were also efforts in some parts of the world to gain commercial benefits from the outcomes of the project.

The data from the Human Genome Project can be viewed in different ways: it could be seen as a complete account of what makes up a human, if one takes a reductionist view of life, or, alternatively, as merely the chemical instructions that have allowed a huge range of more significant human characteristics to develop. This could lead to a discussion about the essential nature of humanity.

The data of the Human Genome Project can be viewed in many ways. It can be viewed as something that makes us human, because only humans have that certain gene. This genes arranged in a certain way is essential to making a human, and will result into a human when combined together. Plants and other animals don’t have the same genetic sequence as us humans. The data collected from the Human Genome Project can be considered as what is essential to form human life. In my view, I think that the project shows us what we are made of as humans. It shows us how we differ from other animals or plants by certain parts of our genetic sequence. It shows that we are something different from everything else.

However, other people may view it differently. The data from the Human Genome Project can also show that we are not as complex as we think. Our body and the way it functions can be explained through a chemical arrangement, which can be manipulated by certain drugs. This view for the data of the Human Genome Project might make it seem like humans are not that great, and that we are just the same as every other living thing. We are just a bunch of chemicals arranged in a certain way.

Some religious people might also disagree with the data collected from the Human Genome Project. They might think that it is impossible to have just a whole list of chemicals which determines us as human. They think that we still need to have a “soul”, which is not found as part of the Human Genome Project.

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