Video Reflection: Ghost in our Genes-Nabila

The Ghost in Your Gene

Posted by Nabilla Gunawan in Biology HL on Monday, February 24th, 2014 at 03:40

Human Genome Project might be considered a break through ten years ago, however there is somehting further. We might think that the traits we obtained comes purely from the DNA we have in our bodies, but in fact, even identical twins with the same exact  DNA can appear differently. This is due to epigenetics. Epigenetic is behaviour that are caused by external factors other than genetics. The environment we live in, mainly contributes to the epigenetic factor. Genes are the same throughout the whole body, but epigenetics varies from different tissue. Epigenetics alter the gene functions but not the gene sequence itself, the gene sequence does not change, however what turns on and off in a gene

What do you find fascinating? The fact that identical twins can still have different behaviour and character even though they are considered to be ‘identical’ twin. It is fascinating how  the several generations before the offsprings can causes disease to the current generation. It gives an understanding for us regarding the origin of a disease, where both mother and father doesn’t have. It also gives clue about how human adapt and how it affects the next generation.

What is my responsibility for my grand children (next generation)? Personally, I do feel like one of my responsibility for my grand children is to stay as healthy as possible. Live a healthy lifestyle so that I don’t develop diseases such as stroke or diabetes in my late fifties. Consume healthy food and exercise would strengthened my organ functions, which means I will pass on a good quality genes on my next generation.

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