2014 SWA Science Fair Extravaganza!

What a fantastic way to end off the year with a Science Fair Extravaganza that included Grades 6-10 and also include G4 (grade 11’s) project! The day was filled with inquiring minds communicating their knowledge of science. We then had a Science Fair Awards Ceremony to celebrate out best: Communicators, Inquires, Risk-Takers and most Knowledgable. And let’s not forget about that delicious cake!

Of course it took a small village to make this event successful and to all those who contributed we say THANK-YOU! Here is a video that Tricia Friedman made of our students.


10350623_10152207317532712_1842275571356606858_n 10464096_10152207317427712_6989941598467259696_n 10407429_10152207317507712_7898738527355795495_n 10363375_10152207317452712_244269062794851059_n

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