The Cosmos E1: “Standing Up in the Milky Way”

Neil deGrasse Tyson  makes science accessible and engaging for viewers.Cosmos-A Space Odyssey Episode One: Standing up in the Milky Way is an overview of the beginning of time. It briefly explains the Big Bang Theory, the Geologic Time Scale, Evolution and Astronomy. We are also introduced to Giordano Bruno, a rebel thinker of the times who thought that the Universe was infinite.

What did you find particularly fascinating about Cosmos-A Space Odyssey Episode One: Standing up in the Milky Way?

3 comments on “The Cosmos E1: “Standing Up in the Milky Way”

  1. After watching the episode, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of the universe, or at least the observable universe. It’s a big realization! My favorite part was the history of humans progressing from standing upright to where we are now in the cosmic calendar. It was amazing to see the history of the universe on that scale.

  2. The first episode of Cosmos was very interesting. I learned many things about the galaxies and the universes. It made me reflect on how little the world is in comparison to the all those universes and made me very frustrated because there is so much to discover but we are unable to travel to other planets. It made me realise of the importance that evolution has on our lives and how it has affect us. The narrator makes science and evolution more accessible for us. One particular thing I found fascinating was Bruno, I found that this is very courageous and brave because he believed in this ideology and died with it, he truly believed in science and died for it. Something that I also thought was very fascinating was how different amazing scientists contributed to discovery of the cosmos and how everything at the end joined together.

  3. This was an overpowering episode; full of interesting facts and things I didn’t know before, like how small we are and that there’s so much out there still waiting to be discovered. While he was in his little spaceship I felt like I was there too and I could experience everything out there with my own eyes. The way that the universe works is beautifully explained and that’s something I really enjoyed about this episode. I was particularly interested in the capsule that Carl Sagan sent to the universe 37 years ago and it has all the information of the human race and our planet in one golden voyager record. This was a stunning episode and I am very excited to see the next one.

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