The Cosmos E2: Some Of The Things That Molecules Do

In The Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey Episode two entitled: Some Of The Things That Molecules Do,depicts that life is in constant transformation. Artificial selection turned the wolf into man’s best friend and is ultimately responsible for all the other canine breeds we love today. And over the eons, natural selection is responsible for all of the  domesticated animals and plant, and .has sculpted the exquisitely complex human eye out of a microscopic patch of pigment. And reiterates that evolution is just the change in inheritable traits over time.

What did you learn from this episode and what did you find particularly interesting?

One comment on “The Cosmos E2: Some Of The Things That Molecules Do

  1. One thing I found really interesting about the second episode was the influence of humans into developing a dog from a wolf by artificial selection. The way that is explained is truly overwhelming and is very exciting to see. It makes everything clear by showing you everything he explains graphically so its easier to understand. Also, it is amazing to see how many species were developed from a couple of specimens.

    I didn’t know that humans could be genetically similar to a plant, but it makes sense because we all come from the same ancestor. I am very excited to see what the next episode will bring.

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