Group 4 Project: Zombie Apocalypse Escape Room

The purpose of the Group 4 project in the International Baccalaureate Program is for students to be able to experience interdisciplinary collaboration. This year our team of educators decided to help our students design 6 escape rooms with the overarching theme being Zombie Apocalypse. Each room had three main puzzles to solve (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, ESS, or Sports Science). We placed our students into Blocks (Block A or Block B), Teams  (1-9) and then Groups (each consisting of 4-5 students). The purpose of the divisions was to create a sense of competition-to see which Block/Team and then group could escape the three rooms with

the best overall time. The overall feedback from students is that they absolutely loved the day! After the day was completed we had we reflected and realised that there were a few areas in which we could improve, such as possible reducing the number of escape rooms and providing more time for planning and preparation. Overall, the day was a hit!