Edible Kreb’s Cycle Models

In order to increase understanding and comprehension, Year 13 IB Biology (HL) students were asked to create edible Kreb’s Cycle models, which were absolutely fantastic and of course delicious! I’m so impressed with their projects!                        Kreb's Cycle Edible Cake Kreb's Cycle Edible Model-Brownies Kreb's Cycle Edible Model-Brownies 2 Kreb's Cycle Models Kreb's Cycle-edible models-cup cakes Edible Kreb's Cycle Model-Donuts Kreb's Cycle Model-Cupcake 2

Digestion T-Shirts

In order to demonstrate their knowledge of the anatomy of the digestive system, Year 13 Biology students were asked to paint and annotate the digestive system on t-shirts. They absolutely loved painting their shirts and said that the activity helped them to solidify their knowledge. Year 13 HL Biology Digestion T=Shirts Year 13 SL Biology Digestion T=Shirts