CGB Year 7 Memories of 2014-2015

I have had so much fun with this group of students – they truly have made teaching an absolute joy! They are true inquirers, comical and have a willingness to learn that makes teaching truly fabulous! This video is a collage of their hard work from our year together!


Chalk it Up! Year 7 chalk drawings of organs and organ systems

Taking learning outdoors is always an enjoyable experience! In order to enhance understanding about organs and organ systems Year 7 students were asked to create chalk drawings the human body. They were thrilled with the activity and loved their creations! Collage_20141028-065918_edit


Year 7 Cell Models

In order to demonstrate their knowledge of cell organelles, Year 7 students were asked to create a model using any materials. Some students created their models out of cake, some used hair gel and others cut open a squash and created their organelles. Needless to say the creativity was amazing and they LOVED presenting their final work. Year 7 Cell Models