Student Led Conferences: SWA: 2013-2014

Student led conferences are a fantastic way for students to not only reflect on their current learning and knowledge gained that is specifically linked to an IB learner profile, but to also share their experience with their parents. Here are the details of this years SLC.

An Introduction to Portfolios

What is a Portfolio?

  • A portfolio is a showcase of what you can do
  • It shows how you have developed over the year
  • A celebration of the successes that you have had.

Your blog is where you will start to build your portfolio.

What goes into a Portfolio?

A Portfolio needs to have work from all of the different learning areas that you are in, it also should show how you have been involved in other areas of school – Music, Drama, Sports, Community and Service – and anything else that you want to celebrate. You can put photos, essays, video clips, and artwork, in fact you can put anything into your portfolio that shows what you have done.

Your portfolio must showcase the following

  1. Something you are really proud of
  2. Work that shows you are a thinker
  3. Work that shows you did not give up
  4. something that shows you worked with other people
  5. work that you could improve

What are the minimum things you need?

Must Haves

                 A Personal Statement

                 A sample of work from each subject that you are taking

                 A reflection on each piece of work

                 Goals you have set for yourself

                 Community and Service

                 EX activities

If you wish



                 Awards and certificates

                 Events – dress up days, student council events


                 The list is endless, we want to see who you are at school

Who will see your Portfolio?

Your teachers and peers will see your portfolio as you are building it up across the year, your parents will also see this portfolio when you present it to them for student led conferences.


What is a student led conference?

This is a parent interview, however you will be leading it, there will be no teachers involved.


Where is your Portfolio

Your portfolio is on your blog, there are two ways which you can present it.

  1. You can create a category called Portfolio 2013 and then edit the posts that you want to share by adding them to this category.
  2. You already setup pages for each subject in your technology lesson (if you have not please see your technology teacher) find the posts you want to represent each subject and sopy and paste them into the pages.
  3. Or you can do both when you copy into your page just remember to add the extra catergory of Portfolio 2013.

Personal Statement

This really can be your welcome statement in your blog giving basic information about yourself and your journey this year at school

Use this guide to write your personal statement

You can talk about any of the following, to help you write your personal statement and describe your journey this year:


  1. friendships
  2. happiness
  3. confidence
  4. homework
  5. organization
  6. I get excited by
  7. What worries me
  8. What’s fun
  9. The learner profile
  10. Being a risk taker
  11. Quality of my work
  12. effort
  13. perseverance
  14. EX activities
  15. successes
  16. challenges

The Portfolio

All posts and samples must be put into the portfolio category called Portfolio 2013.

You need to tag each of your tasks with the area of interaction they are focused on this way you can sort it out when you show your parents and explain this to them.

Human Ingenuity

Task 1 (name of task) – Subject

Task 1 Reflection


Task 1 (name of task) – Subject

Task 1 Reflection

Task 2 (name of task) – Subject

Task 2 Reflections

Community and Service

Task 1 (name of task) – Subject

Task 1 Reflection




Health and Social Education

Task 1 (name of task) – Subject

Task 1 Reflection

Sports and Recreation


Approaches to learning

Task 1 (name of task) – Subject

Task 1 Reflection


Overall student reflection

Parent Reflection after student led conferences


Planning for your conference

List the pieces of work that you are going to show your parents:











List in bullet points what you are going to say:


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