Gameification: Blooms Taxonomy

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and Engaged Activities

Revised Learning Objectives (former objective)





recognize, recall, identify, retrieve

brain storming, concept mapping, affinity diagrams, focus trios, book report pairs, elaborating pairs, mind maps, anticipation reaction guide, biopoems, frame of reference, learning links, sort cards, 3 column charts (seatwork, writings, narrative papers)



interpret, exemplify, classify, summarize, infer, compare, clarify, represent, paraphrase, translate, illustrate, categorize, abstract, generalize, conclude, extrapolate, interpolate, predict, contrast, map, match

group work, discussion partners, peer/team teaching, case studies, think-pair-share, turn to your neighbor, fan ‘n pick, Venn diagram, thinking at right angles, matrix, points to ponder, posing questions, facts in five, 1-3-6, interactive notebooks, stir the class, 3-2-1, graphic organizers, word splash (surveys, descriptive papers, clickers)



execute, implement, carry out, use

simulations, publications, performances, role play, elaborative rehearsal (research participant, peer teaching, demonstrations, debates)



differentiate, organize, attribute, discriminate, distinguish, focus, select, integrate, outline, deconstruct

class projects, modeling, scientific inquiry, web, fishbone, connection collections, corners, graffiti, ticket to leave (labs, analyses)



check, critique, coordinate, detect, monitor, test, judge

professional development / resources, PMI, ranking, bridging snapshots



generate, plan, produce, hypothesize, design, construct

reflective writings, research, presentations, study abroad, service learning, internships, practica, journals, KWL (peer review, activity-based field trips)

Some of these activities can be used to address multiple learning objectives. They are listed where they best fit for the lower level objective.

5/2008 Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy with Engaged Learning Activities – nhc


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