Gamification: Professional Development Course


October 18, 2013

Reward a peer in discussion!  Look for the little “Give Badge” ribbon icon in the discussion forum.  When someone says something stellar, give them a badge!

Also, looking for a good site to raid for research and ideas on gamification?  Check out  Because Play Matters.

October 15, 2013

I hope you had a relaxing weekend and are charged up for the 3rd week of class.  A couple fun things I would like to share today – both from Marnie!  First take a look at her Pinterest she submitted for the BlogIt post.  You can look in depth at

The other fun idea she submitted is a game called Cut the Rope.  Play it a couple times and consider the power of “do-overs.”

October 12, 2013

I am hooked!  Tim turned me on to a blog by Larry Ferlazzo that listed games.  I tried Pursued, a game in which you “explore the area through Google Street Views, and are given hints of what to look for.” The narrative is that you have been kidnapped and have escaped.  Very addictive!   Geography + problem solving.  Go try it!

October 8, 2013

Margie found some interesting posts on Reddit.  Follow these discussions and you’ll read through the good, the bad, and the disbelief when it comes to the use of games.  I think it is important to be aware of both sides of any argument.

Thanks for your contributions, Margie!


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