Language Learners

‘We are all language teachers” Michelle Coleman

Michelle Coleman, an expert in Additional Language Learning, has compiled a series of videos for educators (to enhance teaching and learning practices in the classroom) and for students (to provide additional support in grammar structure and function). Teachers in the international community are actually language teachers as well as subject specialist, as such the videos are fantastic tutorials in helping educators enhance their teaching practices.


1.INSET 1: Popular beliefs about language learning 

2. INSET 2: Experiencing learning in a foreign language 

3. INSET 3: Interlanguage and Error



1. Wakey Shakey 1: The present simple 

2. Wakey Shakey 2: Vocabulary

3. Wakey Shakey 3: Contrast and Connectors 

4. Wakey Shakey 4: The Phonemic Chart

5. Wakey Shakey 5: Adjective Order 

6. Wakey Shakey 6: Comparatives and Superlatives 

7. Wakey Shakey 7: Word Formation 

8. Wakey Shakey 8: Present Perfect 

9. Wakey Shakey 9: Global English

10. Wakey Shakey 10: Bites (so, such, too, enough)

11. Learning and Acquisition 

12. Writing Workshop 1: Introduction to the Course 

13. Writing Workshop2: What is good writing 

14. Writing Workshop 3: Writing good paragraphs

15. Writing Workshop 4: Writing sentences 

16. Writing Workshop 5: Even smarter sentences 

17. Writing Workshop 6: Cheeky connectors 

18. Writing Workshop 7: Extending your range 

19. Writing Workshop 8: Vocabulary 1

20. Writing Workshop 9: The iceberg-Vocabulary II

21. Writing Workshop 10: Punctuation 

22. . Writing Workshop 11: Editing


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